Cinema Novena - The Young Messiah in Theaters March 11th 2016


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He came to earth for you.

Jesus' public ministry began at his Baptism in the Jordan,
 but his mission as Savior started the moment the Divine Word,
the Eternally-Begotten Son of God the Father took flesh in the womb of Mary of Nazareth

Every moment of his life was lived for you.
Even as a little boy, learning the things little boys learn and playing with his childhood toys,
he was your Redeemer, the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Let the gift of the whole redeeming life of Christ touch your whole life.


Make this unique novena and draw closer to the One 

who has always known you, loved you, called you by name. 






Cinema Divina: The Young Messiah is an online novena

that will help you live in continual communion with Jesus;

the homey, familiar relationship with him that

Joseph and Mary knew so well.  

We find echoes of his family life in the parables of Jesus: the image of the pinch of yeast that makes an entire batch of dough rise; the lost sheep tirelessly sought by the Shepherd; the lilies of the field clothed more gloriously than Solomon in all his finery. Perhaps it was Joseph who, in a time of scarcity, pointed to the birds of the air and observed that they relied on the Almighty for their needs. But what was it like for Joseph and Mary? Not only did they face the ordinary challenges of providing for a child during a time of social upheaval, they had to protect him from unimaginable dangers, all the while giving him a stable home life and religious training, knowing that they were sheltering the Savior of the World.

Every day of this novena, you’ll receive a movie clip from the meticulously researched film, The Young Messiah (based on the equally well-researched novel by Anne Rice, Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt). With the help of Scripture, you will find yourself drawn in to the life of the Holy Family. With Jesus, come to know what it means to be a child of the living God.



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"What is a novena?"

The word "novena" comes from the Latin word "nine" (novem). A novena is simply nine days of prayer, modeled on the nine days between the Ascension of the Lord and the Descent of the Holy Spirit, when the apostles gathered in prayer together with Mary, the Mother of Jesus and his relatives.

"But I don't have time to make a novena."

Cinema Divina: The Young Messiah is a prayer-experience that fits in the space of a coffee break. It is designed for busy people who find themselves in front of a computer all day and wish they could use the computer itself to help their prayer life.

"I've never made a novena before."

You will receive an email that will take you to the daily film clip, Scripture quote and reflection for the day. Everything is ready. All you do is add an attentive heart.

"Can I really make a novena online?"

God meets us wherever we are. Certainly he can use our technological tools as easily as he uses the iconographer's brush to help us recognize his nearness.



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