A seven-week do-it-with-us mini-retreat to help you become a more merciful you

The mini-retreat is made of daily emails that unpack the beauty of mercy in daily life. 

Our world is desperate for mercy.

In a world filled with harshness, judgment, and condemnation,
Pope Francis invites us all to rediscover God’s mercy during this Jubilee Year of Mercy. 

Spiritual writers agree that the foundational experience of God is God’s mercy. 

If you long to…
* know who you are at your deepest core 
* live a deeper relationship with God
* experience of God’s mercy in all its fullness
* live the Year of Mercy in a way that will change your life

...then say “yes” to receive God’s mercy more fully in your life this Lent.


Make this unique seven-week mini-retreat that can help you to receive and live God’s mercy. 

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7 Qualities of Mercy: Become a More Merciful You is an online mini-retreat to help you rediscover God’s mercy in your life.  

Unpack what it means to receive and share God’s mercy in real life by exploring the seven qualities of God’s mercy: the generosity, humility, gentleness, communication, patience, forgiveness, and hopefulness that spring from the heart of Jesus. 

Each week, you’ll focus on one of these seven aspects of God’s mercy. In the daily email delivered to your inbox, this aspect of mercy will be approached from a different perspective for each day of the week through reflections, personal testimonies, artistic or cultural connections, lives of the saints, examens that contemplate how Jesus revealed this quality in his own life, mercy challenges, and prayers. 

This seven-week retreat journey of encountering God’s mercy in a new, 360-degree way will transform you. Your heart will be softened, but you will grow in strength. Your steps will be made more sure as you discover and respond to the mission that is yours. You will become more merciful, more like our merciful God.


Don't Let This Lent Pass You By

"But I don't have time to make a retreat."

7 Qualities of Mercy mini-retreat is so easy you can do it in minutes a day. Wherever you open your email, that is the place where you meet God's mercy in a new way.

"I've never made a retreat before."

Usually retreats require you to go away, and may be quite expensive. You can make 7 Qualities of Mercy mini-retreat right where you are—but it's still a spiritual getaway that will help you take advantage of the blessings of this Year of Mercy. The small cost of the retreat—just pennies a day—is one way you can share God's mercy with others by supporting the mission of the Daughters of St. Paul.

"Can I really make a retreat online?"

The really cool thing about online retreats is how flexible they are. Some days you may just spend two minutes browsing the email. Other days you may be so struck by the reflection that you take it with you to Eucharistic adoration, pray with it in the evening, or even talk it over with a friend. Reconnecting every day with God's merciful love will begin to soften your heart so that you can become the more merciful you that you want to be.






Weekly Topics of the Retreat

Preparation Days
"Mercy is God’s greatest attribute. It reveals the face of God, and how God looks at us."

Week 1:  A Merciful Heart Is a Generous Heart
"Generosity as a quality of mercy is most clearly seen when we give to another our very selves: our time, our talents, our willingness to change our plans for the sake of meeting another’s needs."

Week 2: The Merciful Heart Is a Humble Heart

"What would it be like to 'take on' Jesus' humility or to let the memories of your previous weaknesses and sins melt under the hands of the Son of God who extends his love to you?"

Week 3: The Merciful Heart Is a Gentle Heart

"Where we are ready to react with self-condemnation, God is ready to pour out on us his overflowing mercy and love."

Week 4: The Merciful Heart Is a Communicative Heart

"Lord, help me to communicate your mercy, not only in what I say or how I speak, but in how I listen. Give me the right words at the right time. And show me when to remain silent."

Week 5: The Merciful Heart Is a Patient Heart

"Mercy makes room in our heart to understand another person’s suffering and to respond to that person with Christ-like patience."

Week 6: The Merciful Heart Forgives

"When we attempt to forgive, the face of God’s mercy shines through us to the world." 

Week 7: The Merciful Heart Is a Hopeful Heart

"If we engage one another in mercy and loving kindness, we participate in God’s love and become icons of hope to one another."

Sharing the Gospel of Mercy



People who make the 7 Qualities of Mercy Mini-Retreat will discover:

how much God loves them

that mercy is possible

practical tips for how to live the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy

that mercy transforms lives, heals relationships, saves the world.



How to Register for the 7 Qualities of Mercy Online Mini-Retreat

The 7 Qualities of Mercy Online Mini-Retreat consists of 7 weeks of daily emails.

This is offered free, as our gift to you.

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