8 weeks to deeper prayer with best-selling author Sr. Kathryn J. Hermes, FSP


I want to help you take your relationship with God to a new level. In the privacy of your own home the saints will teach the ways of prayer. 

At each stage of my life I have had to reassess my prayer. As I entered mature adulthood and then middle-age, as aspects of my life changed or I was assigned to new ministries my prayer seemed to struggle to survive. Actually, it was struggling to grow and mature. I needed to give it more attention and watering the garden of my spiritual life always paid off in a deeper relationship with God. 

As I've helped people through both spiritual struggles and life struggles, it has become ever more clearer to me, that watering the garden of the spirit is something we need to do all our life. The garden looks different, and requires different types of attention at the various stages of our life. 

This program ministers to adults at various ages who want to give their spirit the attention it deserves and experience the relationship with God they are really longing for.

In this prayerful journey with the saints, I seek to address the single most important question for the Christian today: How do I find God? When our souls are thirsty for the spiritual, how do we find the time to contemplate, and more importantly, what do we do during that time? Does the ancient mystical tradition of the Church mean anything today in a world so quickly changing? What do we do when praying seems tacked on to our life? What happens when we have no time for contemplative prayer? What are the paths to inner peace when our hearts need healing? How do we hold on to a foundational experience of God's self-revelation to us? Can we truly hear God speaking to us, calling us by name?
The 8 Week Beginning Contemplative Prayer Mini-Course has been created for the busy Catholic who is looking for something deeper in their life, as well as for the person who has developed a spiritual life but would like to deepen their understanding and practice. Each week you will receive an email with an introduction to the material for that week. A link in the email will easily open up a seven page Digital Magazine that will guide you through your spiritual development that week. The Digital Magazines contains presentations, guided prayer experiences, prayer exercises to try for yourself, and multi-media material.

Cultivate Stillness and Silence

Remain in God’s Presence: Lessons from Brother Lawrence

Let the Spirit Direct You: Lessons from St. Ignatius of Loyola

Experience the Longing to Touch God: Lectio Divina

Simply Love: Lessons from the Cloud of Unknowing

Prayer Toward Union: Lessons from Saint Teresa of Avila

Prayer of Transformation: Lessons from the Life of Blessed James Alberione

Jesus Breaks Into Our Life

It is God who wants your heart, who wants to love in and through you.
In this eight week course we will walk together through the gradually deepening practice of prayer. 

I pray the spirit of contemplation will "find" you and the stillness of God's presence will give your heart rest.

Sr. Kathryn J. Hermes. FSP 


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