in these days of anxiety and concern.

Anyone who follows the news right now can't help but feel anxious and fearful.


This digital magazine with Fr. Carlos Suarez and Sr. Kathryn J. Hermes, FSP will calm your heart and give you greater peace.


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When it is hard to pray, when life doesn't make sense, when everything seems wrong,
that is the time to let others walk with you on the way.
The presenters of this retreat have walked with others on their journeys,
they've walked the journey themselves.
They know that the promise of light and hope will become a reality
if you keep walking.

The presentations, inspiration, reflections and videos on this retreat
will help you find the dawn of a new day, turn the corner, touch the hand of God.

You can make the retreat anyway you want,
but don't try to walk alone.

Others care about where you are and what you've been through.
And so does God!


Depression is hard enough to live with without the added burden of feeling that we can't pray, that God doesn't care, that we are alone in this.

The Surviving Depression Retreat will help you spend some quality time on your own terms with God.

Those who suffer from depression know best how difficult it can be to pray. When you are suffering with depression, it can seem impossible to muster any energy, interest, or motivation to invest in talking with God. At times God seems so far away, and it appears useless to try to get God’s attention. “And he probably doesn’t care anyway,” we can conclude. 

During your experience of depression, your prayer will be different from your prayer at other times in your life. God may all of a sudden seem to have disappeared. If your depression follows on an illness, the death of a loved one, or an accident, you may feel God has betrayed you. At later stages of your depression, God may seem closer to you in your suffering than he has  ever been before. You may have a sense of God’s care and consolation. 

This retreat is constructed for those who suffer in a particular way with the difficulties of finding God and believing in God's love. In my own experience of depression I learned that sometimes all you can do is be moved by beauty, or listen to someone else's inspiration, or be led in prayer by a friend. The Surviving Depression Retreat was made for you because it is at this moment that God IS close to you, and these pages, these pictures, these words will help you touch the hand of the One who is reaching out to you in the darkest valley of your life.

This is a retreat you can start and do on your own terms. You may have to leave it aside for a while. That is okay. Even the feelings with which you react to the prayers are sacred ground. The stability that comes from starting and then coming back to the retreat, however, will help you open yourself up to God’s healing love.

I hope we can share these days of retreat together. 

Sr. Kathryn J. Hermes, FSP, author of Surviving Depression: A Catholic Approach



The Surviving Depression Retreat is a do-it-yourself
but not by-yourself retreat you can make at home.

The retreat guides of The Surviving Depression Retreat
address the needs and struggles of people struggling with depression
or other emotional wounds.

The retreat comes in a 78 page digital magazine
that can be accessed online or downloaded on your computer or tablet.
The retreat is divided into 4 days.
Each day includes two 15 minute audio meditations from the presenters, 
beautiful four color photos and inspirational quotes,
a scriptural meditation, questions for reflection,
a letter from God to you, and a video.



Sample Pages of the Surviving Depression Retreat

Contents of the Retreat

Day 1: The Spirit's Gift of Peace

First Conference: God Is Close To Us in Suffering
Scripture Reflection: Woman with the Hemorrhage
Second Conference: We Are Always on the Way
Reflections on your relationship with God and Questions to Ponder
Letter from God

Day 2: All Shall Be Well

First Conference: We Can Trust in God's Love for Us
Scriptural Reflection: Canticle of Isaiah 
Second Conference: God Is Loving You Into Being
Reflections on your relationship with God and Questions to Ponder
Letter from God

Day 3: In Loneliness I Find You

First Conference: Turning Anger into an Instrument of Grace
Scriptural Reflection: The Disciples on the Road to Emmaus
Second Conference: God Is Interested in Your Life
Reflections on your relationship with God and Questions to Ponder
Letter from God

Day 4: Love Is All I Need

First Conference: Release and Surrender....
Scriptural Reflection: Paul's Prayer for the Thessalonians
Second Conference: A Guided Prayer Experience for Receiving the Power of Love
Reflections on your relationship with God and Questions to Ponder
Letter from God


The Presenters: Rev. Carlos Suarez and Sr. Kathryn J. Hermes, FSP



Listen to Sample Meditations from the Presenters



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