Eight 20-minute Conferences on Living with Depression with Faith
by the author of the bestseller Surviving Depression: A Catholic Approach

Have you ever wondered if there is any meaning to your suffering?

Do you wish you knew some secret that could help you live in the darkness with trust in the coming dawn?

Do you want to help someone else who is suffering from emotional struggles or depression?

Do you want to discover the beauty in your scars?

Then the Surviving Depression Conference is for you.


If you have come to the Surviving Depression Conference, you are most likely wondering if “surviving” depression is possible for you or someone you know. Perhaps you are grasping at one more glimmer of hope that your or another’s depression might be lifted. It is estimated that one in ten Americans today meet the criteria for recurring depression, and almost half of these meet the criteria for major depression. Major depression is the number one psychological disorder in the western world. At the rate of increase of instances of depression that we are seeing today, particularly among the young, by 2020 depression will be the second most debilitating disease in the western world.

In this Conference I speak from my own experience of depression and vulnerability after having experienced a stroke, as well as from sharing the journeys of many others suffering with depression in illness, divorce, chronic pain, and scruples. Many long years of emotional instability provided the sanctuary where I slowly could learn the deepest treasures of faith as this blessed gift enlightened and consoled and strengthened me. It is this gift that I seek to share with you in this Surviving Depression Conference, and the gift I believe you most want to receive.



Sample of the First Conference


Topics of the Eight Conferences

Introduction to the Conferences on Depression

Signs of Depression - What To Do and How To Help

Adult Development and Depression

Aging, Spirituality, and Depression

Depression and Transcendence

Living Beyond the Edge

Out of Our Scars God Creates Our Beauty

Depression and the Dark Night of the Soul



People who have attended Conferences on Depression by Sr. Kathryn Hermes have discovered:

that they are not their depression

that their spiritual life can flourish even with emotional vulnerabilities

that God has a plan for their life

that they can take steps to surviving depression they never knew existed

that they can have joy again.


How to Register for the Surviving Depression Conference

The Surviving Depression Conference consists of 8 conferences that are twenty minutes each.

Answers to Questions You May Have